Holiday in Sevilla

In my humble opinion, Sevilla is the underrated city in Andalucia. Granada gets all the glory for La Alhambra, Ronda is quaint and charming with its iconic bridge, and Cadiz has the coastline of everyone’s dreams. Sevilla deserves more street cred, literally. It’s FLAT so your shoes/glutes won’t be destroyed after a day of walking. Plus it’s CHEAP and the architecture is baller.

FYI: It’s hot as %%%% in the summer. I just went this first weekend of May, and the sun was already very intense during the day. I heard from locals that it is unbearable in the summer, so when booking your trip to Sevilla, definitely do it before the heat sets in for the summer months. I would recommend visiting in April! My host family said I visited during the perfect time, this bridge between April and May.

The Highlights


Metropol Parasol, aka The Mushrooms, by Jurgen Mayer

In the 1990’s the city began construction to develop underground parking, but, like many sister cities, discovered Roman ruins deep beneath the earth. They halted construction and hosted an architectural competition for the site.

I was impressed by the structure because I could plainly see the execution of the program. First and foremost, the building needed to display the Roman ruins that had been discovered, which was done so on level 0. Secondly, the structure needed to host restaurants, gallery space, and retail space. This was on the ground level, 1. Level 2 hosted an open urban space, full of pedestrians walking with their dogs or enjoying ice cream, skateboarders, and hippies alike. Finally, what Sevilla had been lacking was a panoramic viewpoint, which is the climax of the program located on level 3.

My free vino blanco, enjoyed atop the Metrapol Parasol at night.
My free vino blanco, enjoyed atop the Metrapol Parasol at night.

BONUS: It costs 3 euros to visit the top of the building. So. Worth. It. I visited at dusk and had the pleasure of seeing the city fade from light to dark. If you buy a ticket to visit, you get a voucher for a free drink from any vendor in the building. I chose wine that I got to enjoy essentially in the penthouse of the city. And the whole lovely experience cost three frickin’ euros. Incredible. A “must” if you visit!



La Alcazar, Sevilla’s Royal Palace
The intricacies of the original Arabic designs fused with the Catholic reign fascinated me. I like when I can see literal layers of history in a building. If you want to feast your eyes upon millions of intricately painted and carved tiles, this is your place.



Feat gardens on gardens on gardens (my favorite)




Cathedral of Sevilla
I did not go inside this beauty, but admired it greatly from the outside. In terms of churches in the city, this is the big kahuna, but TBH I’ve seen so many European cathedrals that I sat this one out and opted to stand in the queue for the castle instead.















Another notable space is the Plaza de España. Honestly, there is not much to do there but people watch. However, the art deco details are worth a quick visit.

Charming and authentic Spanish architecture is sprinkled all over Sevilla. I saw this perfectly from the top of the Mushrooms my first night there. I would recommend visiting there first so you can orient yourself in the city!

If you don’t rly care about sightseeing

Who even are you? Just kidding. Sevilla has good shopping game. Name brands such as Guess and Zara are tucked in the ancient fabric of the city, which in my opinion, makes the shopping experience even better. Sevilla hosts some of the best ceramic shops in Spain, which could make really nice souvenirs. Last but not least, if you wander around the maze, you can find a really adorable (and cheap) tapas bar with giant white umbrellas to save you from the sun. I also saw a couple craft breweries!

Are you enchanted or are you enchanted?




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