Where I’d Go Wednesday – England

Hola, mermaids! Welcome to Where I’d Go Wednesday, a weekly wander-ful feature about all the places I’d like to see, wallet-willing or not. First to be featured…

Stourhead Estate, Wiltshire, England


I visited this breathtaking English estate in 2012, and I’ve been aching to return ever since! The place is so enchanting, the latest Pride and Prejudice (You know, the one with my pal Keira) was filmed there!

I spent a measly two hours wandering this Arcadian paradise, when I could easily spend a day. Stourhead has landed on my “places to visit whenever possible” list. I imagine visiting during all the seasons! This would be a heavenly place for a picnic, or even… a wedding! 😉 I don’t even consider myself a romantic person, but, have I expressed how gorgeous this place is?


The Palladian Villa and surrounding landscape attracted the likes of my university’s architecture program, but I have a feeling this is a real hidden gem. The estate is overflowing with Greek temples, a man-made lake, waterfalls, cascades, 18-century romantic bridges, a grotto, and brick follies in the shapes of castle towers. Stourhead is for those who want to visit an estate that is made of actual daydreams. <333

You can view my endless Euro photos on Instagram under @jamie.redman





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