Spanish Saturdaze

Ah, Andalusia. I am so grateful to live in Malaga, and each day the list of reasons grows longer. The main reason is that I live on the coast, nestled between the mountains and the shore, and that I am in close proximity to many gorgeous Andalusian towns and cities. Southern Spain is so affordable that I travel almost every weekend. I do not envision myself living anywhere else for awhile. 😉 Or at least until I’ve had my fill of the costa del sol and all its splendor. Even when I am working hard, I feel like I’m on a permanent vacation here.

Spanish Saturdaze: Granada Getaway

{Daze because I’m literally always in a daze here.}

Forgive me for all the post explanations, but Mermaids is still a new website! I just want my readers to know my plans for the site so they can get into the groove with me! I’m just getting a feel for what works. That’s all! I want (Spanish) Saturdaze to be literally like a travel journal with photos– a candid look at how a traveler spends her time. I will detail the day, and show you my hand-picked photos! First up, Granada! xoxo


10:30 A.M. Walk to bus stop, take bus to train station, car pool from train station
Life is complicated without a car sometimes! Saturday morning I did my nanny duties in a rush, and then took a carpool from my base in Malaga, north to Granada. The ride is approximately an hour and a half by car. The carpools are generally with Spanish speakers who know no English. This was also the case for this ride, but thankfully there were two Irish girls in the car, and I felt that I had some people to entertain. I don’t have enough confidence in my Spanish yet to think my wit translates. :p

I dressed for the heat and to blend in with the hippies of Granada. Honestly, I bought these pants on a whim the day before the trip because I adored the purple paisley. Then I realized they would be great for Granada! Wispy long-sleeved top provided by my host-mom, sun hat also purchased the day before.

Inside the fortress walls!
1:00 P.M. Arrive in Granada
I finally had tickets to tour Granada’s famous castle, La Alhambra at 2:30. Pro tip: If you plan on visiting, book the tickets well in advance.

Hotel check in wasn’t until 4pm, so I checked my bags at the castle customer service center. On my way to the castle I popped in for food and a drink “para llevar” (take away) to prepare for a long day of drooling over Arabic architecture. On weekends I treat myself to European-produced Fanta because it’s my absolutely favorite. Pro tip 2: Take an empty bottle with you. Spanish towns have several spring water fountains, and they are nice and COLD AND FREE.

2:30 P.M. Castle visit until 7:30.
I explored all 5 hours until I was kicked out at dusk. And what a glorious exploration it was! I can’t wait to go back. The rose gardens were in bloom, and they were perfect. They smelled amazing too. 😉


8:00 P.M. Got my bags from customer service and left to check into Pension Austria, a really cute hotel in the city center. I highly recommend! I dropped my stuff off and refreshed my makeup before heading out for a late dinner around 9, which you know, is totally normal for Spain. I had some seafood and wine and called it a day.








You can see my endless European instagrams under @jamie.redman 


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