Fitness Tips for Travelers

I’m a long distance runner, and traveling doesn’t stop me from training. It may slightly alter my schedule, but I still get work done when I’m not on home turf.

I like to maintain my fitness levels for many reasons. 1. I can’t live without running. It’s my sanity. 2. When I don’t workout I feel sluggish and tired. 3. I was blessed with an ungodly amount of energy and I have to expend it somehow. 😉

Since I’ve taken on the nomadic lifestyle, my routine has been shaken up. Here are my tips for maintaining fitness on the go.

1. Explore your new city on foot- running or walking or both!

Even if you aren’t a regular runner, you can do this! Set aside a chunk of time, put on your workout gear, forge any public transportation, and explore your new surroundings! If you’re not a runner, maintain run/walk intervals. Run for 2 minutes, walk for 1. Or vice versa. Whatever gets you moving! If you’re a regular runner, don’t forget to take in the sights! That’s half the point! 😀

2. Stairs

Every European city I’ve visited this year has stairs on stairs on stairs. Make good use of them! It doesn’t matter how fit or healthy you are, stairs are always a killer. You’ll break a sweat *and* have an amazing view once you reach the top! Bonus: Add the stairs to the middle of your run/walk workout.

Amazing view of Budapest after climbing a zillion stairs at Gellert Hill.

3. Floor work

The great thing about floor work is that you can do it anywhere. In a public park or on your hotel room floor. Pick 10 exercises, and do each for one minute. Like this running friend suggests, make it a goal to do it three times a week and go from there! Pinterest is a great source for finding floor workout ideas, but there is nothing wrong with the basics! Squats, planks, crunches, and push-ups go a long way.

4. Resistance bands

Unlike free weights, you can pack these babies in your carry-on. Add them to your floor workouts for an extra challenge and strength.

5. Focus on minutes active

Try not to focus on distance or personal bests or reps, but rather, minutes active. Set aside 30-60 minutes a few times a week, and make it your goal to be active during that time.

Finally, be aware that while traveling you’re often walking more than usual, which means that you could overuse muscles without knowing it. If you do a long workout one day, make sure that on the same day you don’t walk 10 miles. Get adequate rest too!



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