Autumn in Spain

aka The Perpetual Summer

This was in September, but you get the picture.
I used to be proud of my ability to handle -12 degrees F like a boss. All I had to do was put on my puffer coat and platform faux fur snowboots (Yes, that’s a thing. They were loyal for 5 solid years. 5 frozen-solid Columbus winters). When people complained about the never-ending snow, I felt at home in the snow globe that was the Knowlton School of Architecture. The cold never bothered me anyway. 😉 Until now that I’m living in a perpetual summer. Now any temperature under 70 degrees requires a jacket and maybe even pants. Below 60? Forget it. I’m staying inside. Spain ruined me. 😉

This looks kinda fall-ish, right?
I love all of the seasons. I don’t think I could pick a favorite. Each season holds value to me and makes me nostalgic for a beautiful moment in my past. The glorious and golden fade from summer into fall will always remind me of my marching band days, making music with the best people in a gorgeous little village in Ohio. Winter will remind me of that snow globe forever, and of the coziness of living with my best friends. No matter how old I get, I will always love playing in the snow, and I will always be ecstatic after that first magical snowfall. Spring holds a pending excitement for the summer to come. Ohioans break out the shorts at 45 degrees because it feels a radically warm compared to those polar vortexes. Green pokes out of the mud and flowers begin to bloom.  And summer is just sweet. I think of porch beers, and thunderstorms. Everything is lush and green. There are festivals and concerts every weekend.

I love the seasons because they remind me of how fleeting and precious life is. We’re only given a short amount of time per year to love mother nature for who she is in that particular point in time.

Basically I’m homesick. It’s been hard living in a location where the weather does not really change. It makes me feel like I haven’t changed either. Oddly enough, it feels like no progress has been made– like time has stopped, and I will go back to the US, where my uncle will be mowing the grass when I go home for the holidays. It’s been a hard adjustment, and I’m jealous of the beautiful photos conveying the change of nature in my home.

Because of homesickness and the feeling that nothing in my life has changed, I am forced to reflect on what I’ve done this year. Things have changed. I have changed. A lot. (Life update coming in next post on Monday!)

Despite the fact that the seasons of my home force me to enjoy the fleeting time I am given each season, I am forced to be even more mindful here. It’s easy to take the mountains and the sea for granted because I see them every day. Photography actually helped me confront this issue. I take my camera on “special” trips outside of Malaga, but on a daily basis I take photos with my phone. Sometimes I look through photos on my phone, like everyone else, simply to remember what I’ve seen and what’s been worthy of a photo. I’m always blown away by the content on my phone. Sometimes it’s food. Sometimes it’s a mountain. Sometimes it’s a flower. But I’m surrounded by so much beauty daily, and I at least acknowledge it through photography. #instagram I don’t need to take special trips to see breathtaking beauty. I have it right here!

Here are some of the beautiful things I’ve experienced this season. This is fall in Spain. No pumpkin patches, no apple-picking. But this is what I have now, and I love it. I want to enjoy every second. I have the privilege to love the ocean and mountains every day. As poet and mentor Cathy Lentes describes the Ohio River, “always changing but ever the same.” That’s how I feel about Spain.


“Fall” feast. 😉
img_8336 img_8240

Study digs. I’m lucky!







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