The Voter Special

Last week I mailed my absentee ballot from a Spanish post office, and the following encounter occurred. It has been translated for your reading pleasure.

I went to a Correos on a Thursday afternoon and told the associate that I needed to mail my “letter” to the USA, classified. He started pulling out the paperwork, and I nervously blurted out that it’s very important because it’s for the American Presidential election & that I just wanted the ballot to arrive on time. “Oooh,” the man replied, “Is this better than Obama?” I laughed and said, “No because I love Obama.” He continued to say, “Not Trump. Not just for you, but for us, for the world.” He proceeded to make fun of Trump in Spanish, calling him the orange man with the orange hair. “Esta LOCO.” As I left I said, “Buena suerte mi cartita!” (Good luck, my little letter!) while holding my heart, a very Spanish thing for me to do btw. Okay maybe I’m a little dramatic. The man started laughing and said, “Don’t worry about it. It will make it.” As I left the post office he chanted, “Clinton, Clinton!” In his precious Spanish accent. In a nutshell, Europe is with her too. I never knew voting absentee would be so fun. 😂

Your girl’s carefully planned voting outfit. In case you can’t see it has little bubbles that read, “VOTE,” “Speak yer mind,” “Be active,” “Protest.”
I carefully considered blogging about this encounter, but it was a valuable experience for me as an American voter and I want to share. A lot of people dismiss discussing politics for fear of making things personal. Newsflash. Politics are personal.

This experience was totally unexpected and fun, but also reminded me of the power I hold as an American citizen. When you go to the polls this November, don’t think just about yourself. Remember the USA’s influence on the rest of the world. Politics aside, vote love. Vote respect. Vote decency. Vote progress.


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