The Minimalist Project – February

Do you like the minimalist mermaid I just sketched on my phone? Yeah, me too! She’s cute just the way she is! 😉

Ayeeee Minimalist Mermaids! How was your January? I achieved my goal of no happy hours! However, I did go to a couple dinners that were during a happy hour-ish hour. It just so happens that more than one of those dinners ended up being covered by friends for one sweet reason or another. Anyway, the project is equal parts consumption and spending. AND the specific goal was to begin with something small to ease my way into this mindful journey of minimizing in all aspects of life.

I experimented with a lot of new dishes last month, to keep things fresh in the kitchen, literally. I have discovered two foods I like to cook with– carrots and olives! Carrots are a surprisingly pleasant addition to omelettes because of their sweetness. Olives pack a juicy punch in soups! Thanks, carrots and olives, for making my meals at home great again! 😉

I will admit I did purchase a few new pieces of clothing. In my defense, Spain has a little thing called “rebajas,” which are essentially season-end clearance sales. You can buy quality stuff for pennies, it seems. Spain is already very affordable, but rebajas is like Black Friday twice a year. Last year I bought a beautiful casual dress for 5 euros, and I still wear it constantly! I think that since I’ve been here long term with minimal clothing as it is, I deserved a little treat. This year I bought black (faux) leather penny loafers for thirteen euros and a metallic jumpsuit for 6 euros. I couldn’t help myself. The pieces were just too fun.

February’s Challenge – Hair care and beauty appointments.

How can we live?!? These appointments include hair, nails, and massages. Let me explain this torture to you.

Firstly, I would like to address the clear sexism in this post. Men typically don’t frequent the salons like women do, but if you are one of them, then hey! This post is meant for you too! But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The entire beauty industry rests on the insecurities of women.

Part of the Minimalist Project is about self love. If we accept ourselves as we are, do we really need so many extra things to “improve” ourselves? Some “things” are a great investment, yes. But so many are just things! Extra things that we use to trick ourselves into having a false sense of self confidence. 5 types of mascaras? A cabinet full of $30 moisturizer?

I will admit that one of my go-to tricks is a good manicure. Yes, they make me feel great, for approximately 40 minutes. Then I have to maintain them every few weeks, and finally when they are removed, my natural nails are destroyed. As beautiful as they are at the time, they’re not worth it for me right now. Which is why this month, I vow to do my nails at home and avoid making spur-of-the-moment beauty decisions that do not truly *serve me.

I’m not dissing anyone who likes this stuff. I think we all do! But there is a line between enjoying it and needing it. Is it going to kill you to let your hair go a month between trimming? Is it going to be horrendous to let your roots go a little longer than extra without care? That’s on you to decide. I went six months without having a professional touch my head. I think you can make it four weeks. 😉 To be honest, I’m kind of needing a haircut right now. So we will survive together!

Let your mane go wild. Do your own nails. Make your boyfriend massage you. Just don’t pay for these luxuries in February!

*Side note 2: I’m really into this word in 2017. Serve. I’ve already assessed many things in my life this year and asked myself, “Does this serve me?” If yes, hell yeah! If no, let it go. Life is short. Why put yourself through something if it doesn’t serve you?

Bonus minimalist tip: Clean up your emails and unsubscribe from the temptations! My inbox is flooded everyday with “deals,” and by unsubscribing, I no longer have to essentially window shop when I check my email. And it frees up my inbox! A win-win!

Let me know how your first month of mindful spending went in the comments below! Do you have any tips to break the temptations of spending on beauty appointments?


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