The Minimalist Project – March

Happy Minimalist Monday! AKA I’ve been super busy with life and haven’t written out a Minimalist March post yet. What a shame! The alliteration is perfect! For those of you just joining this journey to self-discipline, I am choosing an area of spending each month and calling it quits for that month, but hopefully enacting some mindfulness in that department the rest of the year. January’s focus was happy hours and February’s focus was hair care and beauty appointments.

A picture of my newly chopped hair!

February re-cap: I chose hair care/beauty appointments in February because I really needed a hair cut. I wanted to prove to myself that a haircut is not a quick fix for every problem in my life and that it, like mostly everything else, could wait a few more weeks. I ended up getting a hair cut the first week of March because my ends were killing me! My last haircut was in October, and the dry heat here really does take a toll on hair health. But I wanted to make sure that I was getting one for the right reasons and not making an impulsive decision. That’s what this project is all about! Letting go of our unhealthy impulses and relying on purchases and services to make us feel better about ourselves and our lives!

With that I want to reiterate what I said last month:

Part of the Minimalist Project is about self love. If we accept ourselves as we are, do we really need so many extra things to “improve” ourselves? Some “things” are a great investment, yes. But so many are just things! Extra things that we use to trick ourselves into having a false sense of self confidence. 5 types of mascaras? A cabinet full of $30 moisturizers?

Which brings me to the March Challenge: Makeup.
Ooh, if you thought February was bad enough, what about this?!

There it is! The bare face out hiking on a Sunday!

Since I challenged you so late by publishing this post halfway through the month, I challenge you to continue this into April! I also want to talk about a little thing I do called Makeup Free Mondays. Yes, I enter the public sphere with my raw face, bare freckles and light eyelashes, and I survive every time! Most of the time I forget I’m not wearing makeup (just as I forget when I do wear it) and it does not effect my quality of life. Lately I don’t wear much makeup. Ever! I work from home, and I’m a runner. A combination that makes “making up” a chore. 😉  Makeup Free Monday began as a little thing I did at work in 2015, but now I actually go without makeup more than I go with it. Moisturizer and sometimes mascara, baby! My skin is happier, and my makeup consumption has gone way down. I no longer buy lipsticks on impulse, and I’m slowly using up my mascara collection. The only makeup I have bought all year was a tube of Maybelline mascara, which is my favorite drugstore brand! The only makeup I may need in my foreseeable future is more foundation with SPF, which is a must in Spain. Anywhere, really. 😉 So I challenge you to go without that new spring palette. For at least a month. 😉 Will that $40 eyeshadow kit be relevant one month from now? You tell me in April!

Quality over quantity: I mentioned $30 moisturizer… So about that. The Minimalist Project is teaching me how to look at the value of what I own, use, or buy, rather than the quick fix that is offered by so many products. A good example is conditioner and sunscreen since I just discussed Spain’s sun. Over the weekend, I did my research and purchased a 13-euro conditioner (originally 26) and then a 14-euro LaRoche-Posay suncreen. Thanks, Primor! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Primor, they carry brand names at lowered prices. Then again, everything is cheaper in Spain.) Anyway, normally I would not go into a cosmetics store and drop $30, but these are things I need. This is the difference between 2017 Jamie and 2015 Jamie who would walk into a Sephora and randomly spend $100 on things that were NOT needed. While I currently don’t have any $30 moisturizer in my arsenal of beauty products, I would not judge someone for doing so if that was their sole product that they swore by. The point is to minimize belongings and spending. It’s better to have one good $30 moisturizer than a cabinet full of random $10 moisturizers that go unused!

Get social: If you want to join me, please spread the word by posting a Makeup Free Monday selfie and hashtag #MakeupFreeMonday and #TheMinimalistProject. Feel free to tag me too @nastyjamiebee  🙂



  1. Just found your blog and I LOVE this idea! I’m currently trying to use up products I already have before I buy anymore so this is fab- I will be deffo be joining you on the makeup buying ban. As I’ve got older I’ve also noticed how much I don’t care if I’m wearing makeup anymore- yeah I like to apply it for a night out but I’m perfectly happy to go to work or Uni bare faced, you just have to tell yourself that nobody actually cares if you have your eyebrows on or not. Great post! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww yay!! I’m so glad you’ll be joining me! 🙂 Right?! No one notices or cares. It’s all our own perception of ourselves. If we can change that, we can change so many aspects of our lives, including the practical ones!

      Liked by 1 person

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