The Minimalist Project – April

Three months of The Minimalist Project have passed, and so far we have zeroed in on our spending on cocktails, happy hours, hair care, beauty products and appointments, clothes, and makeup! Even though I have not been 100%perfect about my spending, I’ve been much more conscious of my actions every time I whip out the cash or debit card. I have passed on coffee, ice cream, bargain clothes and shoes, and random other purchases all in the name of The Minimalist Project. I’m making progress!

April Challenge: Accessories (with the continuation of Makeup Free March)
Accessories include hats, scarves, and jewelry.
I am the queen of accessories. I have a box overflowing with scarves in storage in America. Being from Ohio, I have quite the collection. Thick scarves to protect my neck and face from polar vortexes. Medium scarves for fun fall weekends. Beautiful, thin scarves for windy, unpredictable spring weather. Conclusion: I don’t need any more. I have two thin scarves with me in Spain that have been used both to protect myself from cold weather when I’m traveling and the hot, Spanish sun when I’m home in Malaga. The two do the trick. One is coral with a Bohemian print that I actually bought here last year. The other is a faithful black and white one from Target that has been traveling with me since 2012. I am also a connoisseur of hats, jewelry, and every other random accessory that you can think of. I will proudly say that I have not bought any new accessories this year AT ALL. But this month I will pay special attention that I am not overly tempted to add to my collection.

The Minimalist Project has caused me to make an effort to have more meals and snacks at home. They’re cheaper, healthier, and more delicious if I say so myself. I’ve also reinvented outfits that I’ve been wearing for the past 6 months of Spain’s “cool” season. This project has challenged me to be creative in areas in my life other than spending. I’m having a lot of fun mixing things up! A new meal or a newly put-together outfit is more satisfying that an impulse buy.

I normally would never wear a skirt, black tights and Nikes, but when in Europe… 🙂 Good luck with your habits this spring, minimalist mer-people!


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