Easter Weekend in Cadiz – Part 2

Kiss me in this corner.

-A cute street corner in Rota

Saturday in Rota

Cadiz is known for its stunning white-sand beaches. Although we live in Malaga, another beach town, we live on the Mediterranean which has a totally different feel than the Atlantic waters of Cadiz! Determined to have that white-sand beach experience, we read about the best beaches in the area and decided on Rota.


Saturday morning we took a ferry from El Puerto de Santa Maria to Cadiz and then to Rota, a small Spanish town with a U.S. Naval Base. The ferry ride was an experience in itself and made us feel like little kids again. At first it was foggy, something we don’t have in Malaga. But then the sun came out and gave us the perfect blue backdrop for a day of exploration.

Rota is… edgy!

As we wandered around the small town, a man caught our attention to tell us about an art exhibition in the building we would have passed by otherwise. We stopped in and were wonderfully surprised by the paintings and sculptures by local artists.

After the Rota arts experience, we headed to a fruteria and then to a bakery to buy some sweets to take to the beach. Our beach picnic included strawberries, carrots, mandarins, and a chocolate raspberry cake. Quite the menu!

Unfortunately it wasn’t warm enough to really swim. The temperature was awkward– hot in the sun, cool in the shade or wind. We beached hopped anyway and took a quick dip, but only waist-high. 😉 I still had my mermaid moment though.

Later I had ice cream for dinner (yep) and we bought a fresh coconut slice to gnaw on while we made our way back to the port to catch the ferry.

It was picture-perfect, unplanned, and as always, I am grateful.


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