Easter Weekend in Cadiz – Part 3

Our final and most surprising stop on the Cadiz excursion was Jerez. The main attraction was the castle, and we were skeptical on the outside looking in. It cost 12-ish euros to enter on a Sunday, which is not the treatment we are used to at home. We went in anyway, and reception was kind enough to let us leave our luggage with them for our visit. The fortress boasted beautiful gardens and the best views of the city and surrounding landscape. I even took a little nap on a bench within the garden– typical!

This was my view for my short nap on my bf’s shoulder. ^

Castles are kind of our thing.

The architecture in Jerez was great. There were many notable cathedrals and tucked-away surprises, like this formerly Arabic tower with built-in Catholic elements.

Or these beautiful neighboring facades.

In conclusion, my dude and I highly recommend Cadiz to folks who are already in the area! However, if you’re just coming to Spain for a short time, definitely spend your time in the more traditional vacation towns of Andalucia!


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