Summer Lovin’

My summer has been a lot of lovin’ and not a whole lot of bloggin’! But wow, do I have some stories to share with you! I have SO many posts coming your way, so thanks for your patience. I hope you haven’t forgotten about me! 😉 For a quick summary, first I hit up Prague at the end of May. Then I spent June soaking up every last bit of Spain that I could, which included a last minute trip to Granada. In July my boyfriend and I explored eastern cities like NYC, D.C., and Chicago (it was his first visit!), and now I’m loving my time in my original home on the Ohio River while simultaneously aching for southern Spain. You can get a refresher about my home and identity crisis in this post from last summer. I also went to a super sweet running retreat with some of my favorite people in Cleveland, OH. I should also probably update you on the Minimalist Project, since I have dropped the ball on actually writing about it. Don’t worry! I’m still keeping it minimal. In fact, I was in Target today, and I only purchased what I need. Woah!

I feel like this summer I’ve grown like a garden. 🙂 I have lots of personal and professional news to share in addition to literally thousands of travel photos, which I will get to in the morning, probably after my homemade iced coffee has me bouncing of the walls of my childhood bedroom. In the likely event I don’t get another post out in 24-hours, here is my gentle reminder that Mermaids are always on my mind. If you need something to read in the meantime, here is a blog post about trail running in Prague that I wrote for Salty Running!

Peace out!

Next Up: I got an IUD and so can you and Czech Mate: The Prague Chronicles


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