New York Minute

I wanted to take a break from the grind of finals and share some of the highlights of my summer trip with my boyfriend. It was his first time visiting the United States, and it was magical to be able to show him around my home turf. We stayed in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, and made a long commute to other parts of the city every day. NYC was the first city on our American Summer itinerary. After 10 days in the Big Apple, we took a train to Washington, D.C.

Even though I’ve visited New York several times, I’ve never done many of the typical touristic activities NYC has to offer. It was fun to be a tourist in my own country with my favorite dude! Here are some of our favorite moments.


Saw a stunning sunset over Manhattan + New Jersey

Got caught in a rainstorm at Bryant Park

There was this crazy/amazing kid dancing in the rain in Bryant Park after everyone scattered. We stood under a cafe umbrella with his mom who just bragged and bragged on him. It was a hilarious, memorable moment. I seriously think we watched a star dance around that park that evening.

Took a nap in Central Park

And after the nap

Rode the Staten Island Ferry just to see the skyline.

I saw this recommendation in a travel book in the London-Gatwick airport during a 10-hour layover. The Staten Island Ferry is totally free! At least my long layover was good for something!

Visited the top of the Empire State Building

Fun fact, I’m afraid of heights, and L loves spending time in high spaces, observing the surroundings.
(Re: Great Eiffel Tower meltdown of 2016)

Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge


Hid our tears from each other at the 9/11 Memorial

Visited my fave project- The High Line


Went to the NYC Pride parade

This particular trip to NY pulled at my heartstrings. I’ve been to countless major cities and dozens of countries, but there’s no other place on earth like New York City. I’m feeling drawn there lately. I’ll see where my first summer out of law school takes me! If nothing else, I will definitely run the NYC Marathon in the not-so-distant future. 🙂

Thanks for sharing this “New York minute” with me. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!


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