Coming in the Spring of 2018: The Style Mermaid

I have some exciting news! I’m going to make this short and sweet.

This year, Mermaids of Malaga is going to offer a brand new service: Affordable personal styling for vacations!

As an experienced traveler, my wardrobe must meet three important needs.

1. I want to pack as little as possible (#minimalism).

2. I want to look like a local (aka like a stylish European).

3. I want to be comfortable, yet polished.

I want to help fellow travelers feel comfortable and confident in their wardrobe which also happens to fit in a small suitcase! Living in Europe transformed my lifestyle, and that’s translated to my packing lists. The Style Mermaid will be most helpful to newbie travelers, long-term travelers, and the style-challenged. This service will offer a style assessment to evaluate the client’s existing wardrobe, a shopping list for what is needed to complete the perfect capsule wardrobe for their trip, a completed packing list and outfit itinerary, style tips to go with each outfit, hair and makeup inspiration geared specifically toward their goal style, a fun quiz about their vacation destination and personal taste, and finally, tips on how to find affordable yet quality travel staples. I am currently searching for five mermaids to test this service on, so please comment on this post if this sounds like the perfect fit for you!



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