My Favorite Venetian Scenes

The silhouette of the gondolas on the shimmering water.

The perspective of the canals from the bridges.

The perspective of the bridges from the canals.

Magnificent Rialto- the icon of the city.

The colorful Briccole (the “barbershop poles”)

The Christmas lights. The rainy streets are a charming plus.

The Venetian arches that mimic the pointed gondolas.

All the leaning treasures on the Grand Canal.

The gelato I ate morning, noon, and night. 🙂

You caught me. Every scene from Venice is my favorite. I feel so lucky to have experienced this hazy, floating city at Christmas. I hope to return to see its charm in the summer.

I posted these photos and captions as a break from my studies. Every time I see them, I am stunned again and again. The colors and textures of this city are magical and magnificent. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Next up is a capsule packing list for Venice in the winter with a style board for reference.

Until next time, ❤


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