Silver Market Co.

I’m SO excited about this post!! I’m reviewing my favorite, LOCAL (to Ohio/WV), NATURAL, EFFECTIVE beauty products! This post is not sponsored in any way. I just happen to adore this line and its maker, Kelsi Boyd. These products are a labor of love, often hilarious love if you tune into her instastories. Kelsi is so impressive- an artist and a chemist, which is why Silver Market Co. is phenomenal. She works hard to give her community affordable, organic  beauty products. Check out her Instagram to follow her adventures (@silvermarketco) and be sure to order something this weekend during the Labor Day sale. 😉 There is a link to each product in the headings. Enjoy!

Lemon Pie Lip Balm

I thought Burt’s Bees was my favorite lip balm ever… until Silver Market Co. replaced it. I feel like it seems disingenuous to review something as “the best lip balm I’ve ever used,” but here I am. And, I’m not the only one! There are a few reviews on Etsy that say the same thing! Firstly, the product is incredibly smooth and lasts for hours. It comes off with eating and drinking, like all lip balm. However, once I put it on after my morning coffee and noticed it was still very much intact and moisturizing when I went on my lunch break. I love that I’m putting only natural ingredients on my lips. I shudder at what I’ve ingested over the years with chemical balms and lipsticks. AND, it comes in environmentally-friendly packaging, like all other SM Co. products. When I finish this product, I won’t have any plastic on my hands- just a small cardboard tube to recycle! I just bought an orange cream lip balm, and it’s equally as delicious as the lemon. This product also comes in mojito, peppermint, pink lemonade, and chai for fall.

Frank & Myrrh Face and Body Bar

I met Kelsi at CounterPoint Cooperative in Point Pleasant, WV this summer. I asked her about her favorite soap, and she recommended this Frank & Myrrh bar. She told me it’s worked wonders for her hormonal acne. Back in the winter, I had some absolutely savage hormonal acne from the Mirena IUD. I didn’t discover this product until after my skin was destroyed. Ever since, I’ve made it a point to take super extra very good care of my skin. This soap is so smooth, and it smells divine. Which is why I’m relieved that it’s for body and face. I smear it all over me lolz. And it’s beautiful.

Green Tea Eye Cream

The green tea eye cream is the perfect size for traveling*. I took it with me this summer to Spain and Portugal, and I loved having it during the long flights. This eye cream also doubles as an eye makeup remover for me in the morning. (I learned this on vacation). I sleep in the eye cream, and I put on a little extra in the morning to wipe off any residual mascara that came off at night. Obviously I wash my face at night—Hello!! But you know what I mean: that stubborn sh*t that somehow manages to stick to your lashes and make your eyes raccoon-ish the next day!


Soothe & Heal Facial Scar Treatment

I use the scar treatment on leftover hormonal acne scars. I even used it to speed up the healing process of a fresh curling iron scar on my forehead. For the record, I can’t even see it anymore! There is a kelp-y smell to this product because sea kelp is an ingredient. She mentions this online so customers aren’t surprised. I’ve used all types of scar treatments, and umm, have you ever smelled lactic acid? It stinks too. Sometimes you have to put smelly sh*t on your face to have glowing skin. 😊 Organic products are no different! This treatment includes all the good stuff like aloe, vitamin E and lavender. Because of its vitamin E, it could be used nightly as a serum too.

Monica Body Scrub

I recently purchased the Monica Body Scrub, a delicious blend of lemon and jasmine oils. I was in love after my first use. The scrub is made of raw oils and butters, and it melts in your hands in the shower so that you can apply it. The scrub’s purpose is to be an in-shower exfoliant and moisturizer. I have no patience for lotion or body butter, so this was perfect for me. It also made my bathroom smell like heaven. I can’t wait to try the lime & grapefruit scent!



Hydrating Face Mist

This is an aloe mist containing peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oils. This was a nice pick-me-up after post-run showers. It’s simple! I used it as a moisturizer when I was running low on my usual cream.


Orange Hibiscus Bath Bomb

I’ll be honest, I’m not a bath person, especially not a bath bomb person. I tried a small one in the past, and I’m pretty sure I came out of the tub with calendula flowers in my butt crack. But the name of this one caught my eye, and I decided to give bath bombs a second chance. I bought a large one this time, and it made all the difference. The scent was delicate, and I swear whatever was in that soothed the 482 bug bites I had on my legs. I’m still not a bath person, but this product made me a bath bomb person. Other scents include cranberry fig, rosemary & mint, aphrodite (jasmine & ylang ylang), and lavender.

In the future, I’d like to try the


*the green tea eye cream made my list of best skincare products for travel, which I can’t wait to share with you soon!


I hope this inspired you to support your local makers! ❤





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