Make up Your Mindset

February is here, and the lull of winter is wearing off for me. I can’t tell if it’s biological because the nights are getting ever so slightly shorter and my SAD is subsiding. Or it could be my schedule which has become officially Demanding. (Capitalized for optimal effect).

I had a few beautiful snowy weekends that allowed me to catch up on reading in bed, but I’m getting restless to get OUT. If you’re also in the midwest, then you know that leaving your home was essentially not an option a few days last week due to the polar vortex. (And today I’m wearing a t-shirt. Rolls eyes at Ohio.)

Let It Go – Inspired by the Polar Vortex

As I journey to better mental health, I plan on sharing with you. Duh! As my schedule becomes demanding, there are lessons I’ve learned that I can no longer ignore. I must apply them to myself for once. Some things are in our control and some are not. Let’s start with what we can control.

Look at your calendar, and assess what you absolutely must get done this week. Then decide what you can let go, and do it. Let it go!

The irony is that at the beginning of the weekend I decided that a blog post could “go” because this is a hobby, and I wasn’t feeling inspired. It was simply pressure I put on myself to be creative and productive. But it was also another thing on my to-do list. I nixed it. But here we are because I had a long drive to think about things haha.

If something is low priority and maybe not even worth it, cross it off and forget it. Try again another time if it is of importance.

Last week I overbooked. On Sunday I was facing 4 consecutive 12-14 hour days, flitting from here to there, living on a prayer honestly. Some of the reasons were great, and they were leisure activities. But the week was still daunting. Then I stressed myself out about it, and I got sick again. Luckily the polar vortex ruined most of those plans, and I could recover. I still worked from home, but I did not have to endure such an intense week which I had inflicted upon myself. Phew! Onto the next. Lesson learned. Do not overbook yourself, self.

Mindset and its role in our schedules

Instead of thinking about what you have to do, think about what you choose to do. Every day presents a choice. Every thing is a choice. Don’t think of your work or studies as something you “have” to do. That’s too heavy.

Instead of thinking, I have to go to class tomorrow because I have to graduate and get a job, change it to I choose to go to class tomorrow because I chose this profession. I am getting this degree to have a career path of my choice.

I personally enjoy my job, but for those of you who struggle or those consciously or subconsciously contemplating a change, do not think I have to go to work tomorrow. Instead, I choose to go to work because I have the power to change my circumstances any time I wish. Because it’s true! You could totally quit tomorrow. Maybe it’s not in your best interests. Maybe it is. The point is that you are in control, and you have to start thinking like it.

It’s a new week. It’s a new month– February! I personally love February. It’s my birth month, and I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. When I think of February, I think of love and cake and flowers and warm colors.

It’s up to you to cultivate this month. Have a great week, friends! ❤

The featured image is of roses in Granada, Spain. Pretend I’m giving you flowers.




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